DMSv rejoins Simracing Team Challenge SSR GT and Historic double victory for DMSv and Roger Wennström! DMSv applies for membership in Sim Racing Teams Team practicing at Sebring

Old now but once it was news..

Formatting may be a bit off and links may be broken, but here is DMSv history



iRacing, DMSv skins available

 DMSv is uploading our skins to, but if you don't want to use that application we are making our skins available as an easy download in order for you to enjoy us in our true colors.

 We will update this download as we go along. for now its the skippy, StarMazda, F1, Nascar Impala(A) and Nascar Silverado (C).  

Download our skins HERE


iRacing, 2010S4. Roland Ehnström rules in "The Skippy"


DMSv Skip Barber 2000

15 wins in 21 races is what DMSv star Roland Ehnström racked up on his way to the double crown in Skip Barber single seater racing. Roland clinched the general championship as well as the JWH championships in grand style. Add to that impressive results by Fredrik Tackman (10th) and Björn Elofsson (27th) out of 2518 drivers it's understandable why "the skippy" is a popular car at DMSv HQ!

DMSv Star Mazda
Moving up in the series to the faster Star Mazda Roland Ehnström again made it to the podium but this time in second place. What makes this even more impressive is that Roland only entered eight out of twelve rounds! Björn Elofsson again made a strong showing with a final 79th place out of 1916 racers.

DMSv Chevrolet Silverado NASCAR Truck
No final podiums where achieved in the trucks but DMSv managed to score race wins as well as podiumpositions in the severely fought Nascar Class C series.
Best of the DMSv boys was once again Roland Ehnström with a 17th with Fredrik Tackman 65th out of 3318 racers!

 Now we will rest and play for a week before it all begins again. 2011 Season 1. Perhaps NASCAR A and F1 is in the cards...


National Historic GT- Roger Wennström champion again!

One of the the most difficult series at SSR involves FIA App K aka "Historic" cars. Weak chassis, poor brakes, and tyres without grip requires exceptional skills! For the second time in a row Roger Wennstrom secured the title. Great rumble, great results!

F1BB, Johan Pesula F1 Evolution Champion 2010! 

In a hard fought championship DMSv manage to take two podium positions where
Johan Pesula got to clime all the way to the top with teammate Christian Waltgård as
second runner up!


Joining the season way after the mid-season mark Thomas Brevitz still managed to 
secure a top-ten overall following a string of top results ending up 9thin the final

We are looking forward to a fun 2011 single seater season! 


iRacing, Roland Ehnström is Champions! 

Yes, I know its not right to say "Roland Ehnström is Champions" but normal rules don't
apply when you put Roland Ehnström and simracing in the same sentence. In his rookie
season in iRacing Roland didn't win a championship. He won three! And not easy ones
at that... Magic.

First he crushed the Aussies at their own game winning the thundering V8s winning 14
out of 14 races. At the same time he also raced, and won, one of the biggest road racing
series, Skip Barber single seaters.  And on-the-fly he also clinched the Falcon time-trial

We are all looking forward to see what Roland can do in future PRO and WC events. Because
there is no doubt in my mind there is where Roland is headed. And not only as a participant.

On a side note we at DMSv management are very happy that Roland will have support in
PRO/WC by one of the premier teams in iRacing, Orion Racing! 


SSR GT Endurance Season 12

A little more than half of the season has been completed and it hasn't been a complete
success.Torbjörn Lindau has been a consistent front runner but will miss Spa as well as
Monza. He is currently in the top five and should still have a shot on a good finish.
Last season runner up, Roger Wennström, has had a hard time finding his rhythm but
overcame some of his bad luck winning the GT1 class in he loooong 2.4h race of Spa.
We are all hoping that this great result is proof that his mojo is back. Robert Öström
has not been able to participate in all of the events but proved his speed taking a
podium finish in the prototyped at Watkins Glen.

Keep fighting, luck will change!


SSR Historic Season 9

As usual the battle for the crown in historic racing is fierce! Reigning champion DMSvs own Roger
Wennstrom is in a slender one point lead following the Albi weekend. His biggest competitor this
season is Tommy Emanuelsson and odds are that the championship will be decided with one of
these two on top. But everything is still up for grabs considering the handicap system that is in
place in this league!  

Our other Historic hero, Cristian Waltgård, has produced great results, especially in the Swedish
rounds at Linköping and Kinnekulle. Missing out on races as well as an early DNF at Mo i Rana has
placed Waltgård outside the top ten but Backstig, Ershede and Härnvi are still within reach.

Roger, we are all cheering for you! 


What happened to DMSv?

After winning pretty much everything we entered in the spring season there were a lot of
soul searching in the DMSv camp. Do we want more of the same? How can we top this?
Where to go from here?

Well, we went all over the place! First we decided to move away from Race07/Evo/RaceOn
based sims.  It was a clear case of "been there, done that" as well as a genuine tiredness of
quirks, bugs etc with the platform. If that move is gutsy or plain stupid coming from probably
the most successful Race07 team in Europe only time will tell. 

Leaving Simracing Team Challenge meant that most of the team were without a ride so we
decided to cross the pond to America and iRacing (and not entirely without success as
another story will tell...). Another big effort from the team is Endurance and FIA Historic
racing with Swedish Simracers and single seaters over at F1BB.

Follow us in iRacing, GTR2 Endurance, Historic racing, F1 and much more!


Best season ever!

With the spring season of 2010 over, it’s time to reflect on the best season of Danielsson
Motorsport Virtual so far. The results have exceeded all expectations with a huge number
of race wins, podium positions and championship wins.

National GT Sprint, SSR Club S9
Björn Elofsson, Champion

National GT Endurance, SSR 11 Div1
Roger Wennström, 2nd
Björn Elofsson, 4th

National GT Endurance, SSR 11 Div2
Jonas Lindberg, 10th
Robert Öström, 11th

National Touring Cars, SSR TCC S5
Ola Garmer, 2nd
Ludde Andersson, 13th
Robert Öström, 16th

National Historic Racing, SSR Historic GT S8
Roger Wennström, Champion
Christian Waltgård, 11th

International Touring Cars, RD TCC S4
Roland Ehnström, Champion
Fredrik Tackman, 4th
Rickard Javanainen, 25th
Rickard Trange, 32nd
Ludde Andersson, 85th
Robert Öström, 94th
John Westerlund, 98th

International GT Endurance, STC 2010 Blue Cup (Team championship)
DMSv 1, Champions
DMSv 2, 3rd

Not that bad, ey..?!

DMSv whishes everyone a long relaxing summer in preparation for the fall season! 


Simracing Team Challenge Blue Cup 2010- The fat lady sang at last! DMSv1 crowned champions, DMSv2 on the podium!


The long and difficult spring season in the Simracing Team Challenge is over and DMSv has come out on top. WAY on top! DMSv1 completed the last race under strict order to "Bring the cars home. No heroics" and that was exactly what they did!

The championship winning team: Roland Ehnström, Fredrik Tackman, Torbjörn Lindau, Ludde Andersson, Tony Gunnarsson, Roger Wennström & Ola Garmer

But it doesn't end there!

DMSv2 made a fantastic last couple of races surpassing TBR in the final standings to put the second team on the third step on the podium! This means that DMSv2 managed to beat 8 out of 9 "first ranked" teams in the most prestigious team championship in Europe. Fantastic!

The 3rd place team: John Westerlund, Peter Kull, Johan Pesula, Robin Johansson, Thomas Brevitz, Christian Waltgård, Peter Melin, Robert Öström

It remains to be seen if we will be back after the summer break to defend our crown as  possible changes to the format may make it impossible for us to participate. Time will tell...


Simracing Team Challenge Round9 - all four cars top8 with Roland as King of Spa!

Difficult conditions, rain and sun. Add Spa and there can only be one outcome. Roland Ehnström. For the 14th time in a row in GT cars. Torbjörn Lindau finished 5th in the second DMSv Ford only offering RPM a minuscule chance of stealing the championship trophy away at LeMans. But the champagne is still unpacked in the basement because it can still go sour.. remember last season anyone..?  Great results form DMSvII (Robin Johansson, 4th and Christian Waltgård, 8th) put DMSvII in striking distance of a total podium as well.


1. Danielsson Motorsport virtual   364p
2. Roaring Pipes Maniacs 303p
3. The Black Rebels 248p
4. Danielsson Motorsport virtual II 237p
(provisional standings)
Watch the race live with live commentary online at
The broadcast will start June 10th at 20.45 CET.

National Historic GT- Roger Wennström crowned champion!

The season is over and it ended in style! Christian Waltgård took his first podium this season and Roger Wennström secured the championship overall! The DMSv drivers took to the austrian track in Fords legendary GT40 cars. Great rumble, great results!

Simracing Team Challenge Round8 - all four cars in top10!

Round 8 of STC took place a a dry(!) Donnington Park raceway. The winner of the race was Mike Simian of FlatOut but the DMSv lineup drove a great race with all cars finishing in the top10! Torbjörn Lindau (5th) and Fredrik Tackman (7th) for DMSv I and Christian Waltgård (8th) and Johan Pesula (10th) form DMSv II. Thus extending our championship lead.


1. Danielsson Motorsport virtual   309 p
2. Roaring Pipes Maniacs 247 p
3. The Black Rebels 227 p
4. Danielsson Motorsport virtual II 195 p
(provisional standings)
Watch the race live with live commentary online at
The broadcast will start June 3rd at 20.45 CET.

Roland Ehnström wins RDTCC4, Fredrik Tackman on the podium

DMSv entered the international touring car championship as the Championship started it's fourth season. And what an entry it was! When the dust settled DMSv claimed two of the podiup spots with Roland Ehnström as series Champion and Fredrik Tackman i 3rd place overall. 

Roland Ehnström, picture from tv4/VGP

BMW E90 320si #46. Roland Ehnström, DMSv


1. Roland Ehnström, BMW
3. Fredrik Tackman, BMW
13. Ola Garmer, Volvo
17. Rickard Javanainen, Honda
43. Richard Trange, Honda
70. Ludde Andersson, BMW
75. Robert Öström, BMW
77. John Westerlund, BMW


Simracing Team Challenge Round7 - Wow!

An administrative penalty against DMSv forced all four cars to start at the back of the grid following a ban on qualifying. The winner of the race was Dragos Haba of RPM but the stars where the DMSv lineup. Roland Ehström made his way to 2nd(!), Ludde Andersson 4tth(!), Johan Pesula 5th(!) and Peter Kull 8th(!). All this on a tight Canadian street circuit. This is nothing short of amazing!.

On another note it was really great to see that the server problems that has plagued this STC season finally solved. Let's keep our fingers crossed that it wasn't temporary when racing starts again on thursday.


1. Danielsson Motorsport virtual   264p
2. Roaring Pipes Maniacs 227p
3. The Black Rebels 185p
4. Danielsson Motorsport virtual II 159p
(provisional standings)
Watch the race live with live commentary online at
The broadcast will start May 20th at 20.45 CET.

RDTCC Round 5 - Barcelona 

Ever raced the GP track in Barcelona? Well, its big. And long. And has a strange chicane near the end. Perhaps its not the best track to race the slow-ish WTCC-cars on but boy does it ever give close racing. In division 1 RPM took their second win when Rami Kaukula and Marcin Skrzypczak made it 1-3 for the team. But more importantly from our point of view was that in between the RPM twins was championship leader Roland Ehnström securing his fifth podium out of five races.  Also in division 1 Fredrik Tackman suffered in qualifying but drove a great race to finish titth while Rikard Javanainen finished 13 th. In divistion 2 Rickard Trange climbet thru the field from an 18th qualifying position to a final 10tj place. In division 3 John Westerlund finished 15th after early problems forced him to make an early pitstop for repairs and Robert Öström finished 18th. DMSv was represented in all divisions as Ludde Andersson had been relegated to division 4 from missing the last few races. Ludde in division 4? Well that could only yield one result.. Division victory by almost a minute..

1. Roland Ehnström, BMW
3. Fredrik Tackman, BMW
19. Rickard Javanainen, Honda
30. Tichard Trange, Honda
79. Ludde Andersson, BMW
85. Robert Öström
87. John Westerlund
(provisional standings)

The final round of the RDTCC will take place May 16 at Mid-Ohio.

Simracing Team Challenge Round6 -Race cancelled

Due to server failure round 6 of the STC had to be scrapped. The race has been scrapped from the calendar 


RDTCC Round 4 - One-two overall after Donnington

Is it dry? Or wet? Or drying? Or raining? Track conditions were difficult when RDTCC visited England on Sunday night. Division 1 had a new winner for the first time this season when Roland Ehnström had to settle for the runner up spot when RPMs Marcin Skrzypczak took the checkered flag first. But it still was a good day for over all as Roland maintaind the championship lead and Fredrik Tackman with a good fifth place finished climbed to a shared second place in the overall standings. The Rickards, also in division1, Trange and Javanainen barely made it to the race but failed to register a qualifying time. They managed 21st and 15th respectively. Team Manager John Westerlund made his debut in touringcars joining the championship for the fourth round and placed his borrowed BMW on the podium with a 3rd in division4. Last man from DMSv to compete was Robert Öström who scored a 7th place in Division4.  Ludde Andersson was unavailable to race this round. 

1. Roland Ehnström, BMW
2. Fredrik Tackman, BMW
25. Rickard Javanainen, Honda
32. Tichard Trange, Honda
85. Ludde Andersson, BMW
94. Robert Öström
98. John Westerlund
(provisional standings)

Round 5 of RDTCC will take place May 9 at Barcelona.


RDTCC Round 3 - Roland, three-for-three

DMSv ace driver Roland Ehnström once again managed to bring his BMW home in first place in Racedepartments Touring Car Challeng making it his third consecutive race win in three attempts. Fredrik Tackman rounded out the podium in third climbing to third overall. Rickard Javanainen won division 2 with Rickard Trange in 5th. Robert Öström finished 13th in div4 while Ludde Andersson was unavailable to race this round. Super results all around!

1. Roland Ehnström, BMW
3. Fredrik Tackman, BMW
33. Rickard Javanainen, Honda
40. Tichard Trange, Honda
73. Ludde Andersson, BMW
95. Robert Öström
(provisional standings)

Round 4 of RDTCC will take place May 2 at Donnington.

Simracing Team Challenge Round5 -Race cancelled

Due to server failure round 5 of the STC had to be scrapped. A new date is not yet determined.

National Historic GT- Wennström on top !

Say "Mount Panorama" or "Bathurst" to a true racer and a chill raises along the spine. The long straits and terrifying corkscrews was the venue for last nights race in SSR Historic GT S8. DMSv driver Roger Wennström, in a Ferrari 250, best managed the difficult track to take his third win this season solidifying his lead in the championship.  Christian Waltgård, who always is happy when driving an Alfa Romeo selected the miniscule 1300 GTA Bertone coupe and finished the race in 13th, Christian is currently 12th in the championship.

Simracing Team Challenge Round5 - Ovalracin', heck no!

American flavored racing is next for the teams of STC Blue Cup 2010. Two turns and one strait of the classic oval is used together with some fiddely bits on the infield. A tricky chicane along the strait has been augmented with killer curbs so expect some cars to scratch the roof on that one.. This is probably not a great course for us especially for the speed-challenged Fords...


Keep your fingers crossed!
Watch the race live with live commentary online at
The broadcast will start April 22th at 20.45 CET.

RDTCC Round 2- Roland, the king of Spa!

Spa in the rain? Well, in the in-team betting pool the odds on Roland Ehnström winning barely passed money-back. After 12 consecutive GT-car wins on Spa confidence was high in the DMSv camp going in to the second round of the 4th international touring car championship hosted by RaceDepartment. Roland managed to convert the pressure to a race winning pace. Brilliant!

Also in division 1 Fredrik Tackman finished 9th. Richard Trange and Ludde Andersson had been relegated to div2 and div3 respectively by missiong out on round 1. Trange finshed 18th while Ludde Andersson won division 3 advancing him to div2 for next round. Rickard Javanainen was off racing for real and missed this round.

1. Roland Ehnström, BMW
5. Fredrik Tackman, BMW
39. Rickard Javanainen, Honda
61. Tichard Trange, Honda
65. Ludde Andersson, BMW
(provisional standings)

Round 3 of RDTCC will take place April 25 at Birmingham.


Simracing Team Challenge Round4 - Japan was tough!

The fourth round of the STC was a difficult challenge since the track wasn't suited for the mammuth Fords of DMSv I. Qualifying and the race was dominated by the nimble midget cars of Black Visor Motorsports (Ultima) and the Marcos of RPM. Ludde Andersson and Fredrik Tackman did a stellar job maintaining our championship lead and continuing our podium streak by finishing 3rd and 8th respectively. In DMSv II team junior Robin Johansson drove a fantastic race that despite two stops gave him a 6th place finish. Less said about Team Manager Westerlunds race the better... Well at least the combined score of Johansson/Westerlund was enough to stay in fifth overall. .

1. Danielsson Motorsport virtual   210p
2. Roaring Pipes Maniacs 199p
3. The Black Rebels 138p
5. Danielsson Motorsport virtual II 117p
(provisional standings)


RDTCC Round 1- Roland the magnificent!

Pole position. First to the checkered flag.
Roland Ehnström got a perfect start to the 4th international touring car championship hosted by RaceDepartment that took place sunday night.

Fredrik Tackman finished 4th with Rickard Javanainen in 12th. Richard Trange and Ludde Andersson both were unable to attend the race.

Round 2 of RDTCC will take place Aprill 18 at Spa Francorchamps. The meteriologists are promising rain...



Simracing Team Challenge Round3 - Another one for DMSv!

The third race is now in the books and DMSv once again had a great trace when Roland Ehnström once again brought the Ford home for a win! That makes it Rolands second race win in a row. Fantastic! Torbjörn Lindau got bumped early on losing momentum and positions but managed to battle his way back up the order to en the race in 6th. The boys in red extended the championship lead over RPM to 18 points. In the green camp spirits were a bil lower after the race as a network outage at one of swedens broad band suppliers, Bredband2, ment that not only were the regular race engineers ofline but also debutant driver Christian Waltgård was disconneted durin warmup. Johan Pesula in the lone BMW Z4 ended the race in 11th but that sent DMSvII from 3rd to 5th in the general classifications.

1. Danielsson Motorsport virtual   165p
2. Roaring Pipes Maniacs 147p
3. The Black Rebels 108p
5. Danielsson Motorsport virtual II 88p
(provisional standings)



However there is no time to feel sorry for ourselfs since next round is just around the corner!
Keep your fingers crossed!
Watch the race live with live commentary online at
The broadcast will start april 15 at 20.45 CET.

Simracing Team Challenge Round3 - Hockenheim is next

STC Blue Cup 2010 is making a stop at the Grand Prix track of Hockenheim. Hundreds of practice laps is completed and we are finalizing strategies at the moment. DMSv will field Roland Ehnström and Torbjörn Lindau in the Fords with Johan Pesula and Christian Waltgård in the BMWs. The team is still in high spirits from the result at Algarve and are trying hard to continue the podium streak. One win, one second place and one third place after two races is inspiering. 


Keep your fingers crossed!
Watch the race live with live commentary online at
The broadcast will start april 9 at 20.45 CET.

International touring cars - RDTCC - Cars unvailed

After countless of hours of work DMSv proudly presents the cars that will be used to mount an attack for the championship trophy at Racedeparments fourth touring car championship.

Honda Accord R

#27 Richard Trange
#28 Rickard Javanainen

BMW E90 320si

#45 Fredrik Tackman
#46 Roland Ehnström
#47 Ludde Andersson
#48 Robert Öström

Round 1 of RDTCC will start Aprill 11 at Portimao outside Algarve. Keep your fingers crossed!


Simracing Team Challenge Round2 - Perfect score at Algarve!

Roland Ehnstrom and Ludde Andersson collected maximum points available in the second race of the season. With Roland winning the race and Ludde finishing second.
In the pre race preparations Ludde has showed good pace and put some pressure on Roland. In qualiy Ludde put together a quick lap that put him in pole position. Roland was driving on the safe side during qualifying and that did cost him some positions on the grid. Quote from Roland,

“I was just too nervous and too afraid to get a cut-track penalty in T1, so I lost quite a lot of time there driving way too conservatively, and then later in the lap I again braked too early for a bend because I was overly nervous, and this caused me to turn in too early, hit the apex too early and run out of road on the exit, touching the gravel and losing a lot of speed. In the end my time was over 1 second slower than my personal best, and I was very disappoited with myself.”

No question that Roland is one of the greatest simracing drivers, from third position on the grid he manage to get passed the two cars in front, get the fastest lap of the race and taking home the victory for the team..


The rookie Robin Johansson in the DMSv BMW Z4 started from 4th position and managed to outpace his teamie Peter Kull in the race. Peter had an incident in the beginning of the race. Qoute from Peter,

“As always for me it’s key to stay out of trouble in the beginning of an endurance race but unfortunately Johannes Norberg in the Ultima was of a different opinion and hit me from behind on lap 3 and that put me down to 18th position.”

Robin finished in 8th position in his first endurance race and the senior, in the “green” team, Peter finishing in 10th position.

1. Danielsson Motorsport virtual 111p
2. Roaring Pipes Maniacs   98p
3. Danielsson Motorsport virtual II 72p

(provisional standings)

SSR GTR2  Round 4 - Wennström on a roll!

Up-down-up-down-right-left. Add rain. Welcome to the fourth round of the SSR GTR2 endurance race at Bathurst. Put Roger Wennström behind the wheel of a Porsche and it summs up to Victory in division 1! Teammate Björn Elofsson took pole, his first for the season, and finished the race a strong sixth. Robert Öström suffered an early crash after qualifying in a strong 3rd in division 2 while Jonas Lindberg managed to wrestle his TVR thru the rain to a nice 4th place finish.  

International touring cars - RDTCC - End of qualifying

Sunday night marked the end of qualifying for Racedepartments fourth installment of a touring car championship. The 100 fastest touringcar drivers qualified to four divisions. DMSv will be represented by five drivers who all qualified in division 1. Fastest qualifier was DMS 2009 JTCC driver Rickard Javanainen ahead of his DMS 2009 JTCC teammate Richard Trange. They are followed closely behind by reigning V-WTCC champion Roland Ehnström, Ludde Andersson and Fredrik Tackman. The season till take off Aprill 11th.


Simracing Team Challenge Round1 - Questions! And answers?

With the first round of the STC in the bag a few questions have been answered and some more remains. On a good note the cars were competitive, everthing worked out on the technical side and overall the results were good. Ludde Andersson made his debut with a solid third after qualifying second. Torbjörn Lindau was delayed in the pits for non technical reasons closing out the top five. Nothing could be done about Vincent Staal who took defending champions DHR SimCrafts first win for the season. In the championship standing Roaring Pipes Maniacs, helped by bonus points for pole and fastest race lap by Dragos Haba, took the lead followed by the two DMSv teams. 

In the BMWs Johan Pesula bettered his qualifying position by seven bringing the car home in 7th place. John Westerlund was hit from behind on the first lap having to rejoin the race dead last. Great work from the race engineers saved some of his day finishing in 11h.

So, whats unclear? Tires for one.. How will the different compounds last during different conditions? Telemetry is another. With the demise of some crucial software we need to strengthen our efforts in finding a working solution for drivers on W7-64. Not having live telemetry on the drivers forces the race engineers to guess and that is not a winning strategy in the long run.

Testing has already started in earnest at the undulated track at Algarve where race operations will commence on the 25th of march. See you all there!

1. Roaring Pipes Maniacs   49p
2. Danielsson Motorsport virtual 48p

3. Danielsson Motorsport virtual II 36p
(provisional standings)


Simracing Team Challenge Round1 - Who's who and what's what?

It's time for the STC Blue Cup 2010 to start at the desert track in Bahrain. Things are quite open as car selection for the season was in reverse championship order and no one is really sure what this will mean in the race. At least we can look forward to great battles and hopefully a close, fun championship.

DMSv will take to the track in the red-white-black Ford GT with Torbjörn Lindau and series rookie Ludde Andersson while DMSv II in the green-white-black BMW Z4 GT3'a will field John Westerlund and Johan Pesula. 


Keep your fingers crossed!
Watch the race live with live commentary online at
The broadcast will start March 11 at 20.45 CET.

Wennström wins again !

DMSv driver Roger Wennström took his and the teams second win for the season driving the Ford Falcon in a field full of Alfa GTAs!  Roger is leading the championship by 12 points coming up to the season half way point. Christian Waltgård is currently tied for 11th

Busy times at DMSv!

There is not a slow moment in the DMSv organisation at the moment! While the cars for STC are being prepared for the upcoming 2010 Blue Cup (more about that in a moment) racing has commenced in ernest in the Swedish Simracing League  in both GTR2 and Historic Racing.

Historic racing (GTR2 P&G)
After four races in the historic cars Roger Wennström is in 2nd place overall with 1,4,2,10 winning the first race in the great Porsche 911RSR IROC. Christian Waltgård is 12th in the standings.

National endurance (GTR2)
The GTR2 season started with "The elephant trophy @ Kyalami" and Björn Elofsson immediately placed DMSv on the division1 podium with a nice 2nd place. The GTR2 drivers are currently on the third leg of "The Aussie Walkabout" with races at Hidden Walley, Oran Park and Bathurst. Australia has been good to DMSv so far with Roger Wennström winning the latest race at Oran Park. Roger Wennström is currently 2nd overall with teammate Björn Elofsson in 3rd. In division 2 Jonas Lindberg has made a comeback to simracing after scheduling conflicts robbed him om the last two seasons. And he has made the best of it. Three races, three podiums has put him first in the division. Robert Öström after missing one race is in 11th in the standings.

International Touring Cars (Race07)
For the first time DMSv has gotten really into touring cars with the upcoming season at Racedepartment. Qualifying has turned into a great fight between the DMS JTCC boys in Volvo C40 STCC and the DMSv endurance crew in the BMW E90s. As of this moment DMSv is 1st) Rickard Javanainen, Volvo 2nd) Roland Ehnström, BMW 3rd) Ludde Andersson, BMW 5th) Rikard Trange, Volvo 11th) Fredrick Tackman, BMW. Qualifying ends in about one week but so far so good!

International endurance (GTR Evolution)
The STC season is beginning in about a week at the F1 circuit in Bahrain and DMSv has been really busy with car selection and tuning. We are trying to better last seasons 2nd (DMSv) and 5th (DMSv II) overall and our trackweapons will be the Ford GT and BMW Z4. Keep your fingers crossed!

DMSv test day at our home track Mantorp Park Raceway




DMSv licensed for STC 2010!

DMSv have been granted licenses for DMSv I and DMSv II for 2010. We are looking forward to better our 2nd place overall in the spring Blue Cup!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

To all our friends in real and simulated racing we wish you a great holliday season!
See you back on the tracks in 2010!


Simracing Team Challenge 2009 Black Cup - Close, but no cigar...!

The challenge was over when the starter released the field in the final round of the simracing team challenge last thursdag. Both front row qualifiers, Dragos Haba (RPM) and Fredrik Tackman (DMSv) as well as John westerlund (DMSv II) had been given wrong tires by GTRE forcing early extra pitstops. As the second DMSv driver Torbjörn Lindau suffered a cut track in qualifying the stage was open for DHR SimCraft.
They made the most of it and successfully defended their championship with a 1-2 finish thus passing DMSv in the final standings.
DMSv II finished the season in a great 5th place beating no less than 6 first ranked teams.
1. DHR Simcraft
2. DMSv
3. Roaring Pipes Maniacs
4. FlatOut Racing
5. DMSv II

Simracing Team Challenge Round10 - Will the fat lady sing?

Only two points is separating championship leaders DMSv and raining champions DHR SimCraft in the 2009 Simracing Team Challenge Black Cup. Former shampions Roaring Pipes Maniacs is in third trailing DMSv by 38 points.
DMSv II has already clinched "the junior championship" by a country mile and is in a fight with Project D and BVM for fifth place overall. Going in to the final race DMSv in 7th trailing DVM by 7 points and Project D by 9 points.
It has the makings of an epic race!
Watch the race live with live commentary online at
The broadcast will start December 17 at 21.00CET.

Simracing Team Challenge Round9 - One more to go!

Wet and gray december weather welcomed the teams to the 9th round of the Simracing Team Challenge wich was held at the brittish Donnington track. Torbjörn Lindau was best placed finisher with a provisional 6th place. The competition was fierce since the reigning champions DHR had selected to enter a couple of top drivers in their junior team.
Tony Gunnarsson had an early collition with a laped car ruining his day. The corvette duo of Johan Pesula and Peter Kull struggled thruout the race but managed to bring their rides home iaround position 10..
It's extremely close at the top of the podium with only one round to go!
1. Danielsson Motorsport virtual   411p
2. DHR GP 409 p
3. Roaring Pipes Maniacs 377 p
7. Danielsson Motorsport virtual II 273p
The final race is held on December 17th at Paul Ricard. Follow the action at

DMSv crowned team champions in SSR Evo!

DMSv driver Björn Elofsson concluded a successful season taking 2nd place overall in the second season of the Swedish SimRaces GTR Evolution GT Leauge. With two wins and a couple of podium positions he was instrumental in bringing home the teams second crown in the two seasons raced! 


Pole and victory for Wennström at Dubai!

The desert track in Dubai was host to the 7th round of Swedish Simracers GTR2 league .
DMSv was represented by Roger Wennström and Torbjörn Lindau in division1 and Micke Frilander and Robert Öström in division 2.  
Roger Wennström in a Ferrari 575 GTC managed the tripple. Pole, fastest race lap and race win! Torbjör Lindau suffered fuel starvation problems in the latter stages of the race ending his race just short of the finish line in 16th place. In division 2 Micke Frilander finished 6th with Robert Öström in 12th place.

Simracing Team Challenge Round8 - It's getting closer!

The DMS home track of Mantorp Park was not available for the8th round of the Simracing Team Challenge so the race was moved to the former F1 track at Anderstorp. The team had spent a lot of time at the track and spirits were high. Our testing showed early on that the Corvette was the car to beat but Roland Ehnström and Torbjörn Lindau still had the pace for top positions.
Roland qualified 2nd and was the quickest car on the track in the wet conditions but an attempt to pass the leading DHR Corvette cost dearly. Roland made a fantastic recovery to bring the car home in 2nd place behind the DHR Corvette of Vincent Staal. In fact all top six positions were filled with DHR and DMS cars with Torbjörn Lindau 5th and John Westerlund 6th. Peter Kull finshed 11th.
It's still close at the top of the podium and everything is still up for grabs!
1. Danielsson Motorsport virtual   376p
2. DHR GP 360p
3. Roaring Pipes Maniacs 336p
7. Danielsson Motorsport virtual II 239p
(provisional standings)
The next race is held on December 10th at Donnington Park. Follow the action at

Simracing Team Challenge Round7 - Roland did it again!

The DMSv aces Roland Ehnström and Fredrik Tackman took two great podium finishes when the 7th round of the STC brought the series to Italy and the track at Mugello. The 1-3 finish combined with points for pole and fastest race lap extended our lead in the championship.
Johan Pesula had to fill in at the last minute when computer problems plagued the DMSv II Corvette of Thomas Brevitz who as a secret weapon had been consistently fastest of the green vettes during  all pre race preparations. Giving a stellar performance Johan gave the team a top 10 finish. John Westerlund suffered from miss communications with the pit crew who sent him out on rain tires after the pit stop as well as gearbox problems ending in a disappointing 20th place.
It's still close at the top of the podium and everything is still up for grabs!
1. Danielsson Motorsport virtual   325p
2. DHR GP 300p
3. Roaring Pipes Maniacs 299p
7. Danielsson Motorsport virtual II 202p
(provisional standings)
The next race is held on November 26th at out home track Scandinavian Raceway, Anderstorp. Follow the action at

Simracing Team Challenge Round6 - Back on top!

The 6th round of The STC took place at the ever spectacular Spa Francorshamps track in Belgium. DMSv star driver Roland Ehnström dominated the event in spectacular fashion. Pole position by 1.3 seconds, fastest race lap by more than one second and a win where no one even was close! In short the perfect race! The second DMSv BMW was driven by Tony Gunnarsson to a very solid 8th position taking back the championship lead from DHR GP who had it on loan for a week.
Johan Pesula and Peter Melin brought the DMSv II Corvettes home in 12th and 13th position respectively. Good to have all four cars crossing the finish line again!
With only 11 points separating the top three teams and four rounds to go we are looking forward to a great battle! 
1. Danielsson Motorsport virtual   265p
2. DHR GP 262p
3. Roaring Pipes Maniacs 254p
7. Danielsson Motorsport virtual II 178p
(provisional standings)
The next race is held on November 12th at Mugello. Follow the action at

Simracing Team Challenge Round5!

The STC crews stayed in France for the 5th round of The Simracing Team Challenge. The race was held at Rouen Les Essarts in dry conditions. The venue proved itself to be an unfriendly place for the DMSv teams. Roland Ehnström qualified 2nd after the ultra quick DHR GP Corvette of Vincent Staal. We were robbed of a great race when a stray RPM BMW came across the grass and collected Roland with excessive aerodamage, and loss of top speed as a consequence. In the second DMSv BMW Björn Elofsson suffered from lagg fighting all the way to a 14th place across the finish line.
Things were not going any better for the green Corvettes of DMSv II. Björm Andersen gathered aero damage early on which sent him to the back finishing in 16th. Things where even worse for the second DMSv Corvette when Robert Öström suffered computer problems and disconnected just prior to the crucial 75% mark rendering his efforts null and void.
Unfortunately this is evident from the championship standings. But there is still half the season to go and we are not giving up! Not by a long shot!!
1. DHR GP 213p
2. Danielsson Motorsport virtual   212p
3. Roaring Pipes Maniacs 207p
7. Danielsson Motorsport virtual II 149p
(provisional standings)
The next race is held on October 29th at Spa Francorshamps. Follow the action at

Simracing Team Challenge Round3!

The postponed round 3 of The Simracing Team Challenge was held at the LeMans Sartre track in dry conditions. DMSv with Fredrik Tackman (2nd) and Björn Elofsson (6th) extended the championship lead while despite a 4th place finish from John Westerlund technical difficulties robbed DMSv II of important points dropping the green team to 5th in the championship standings.
2-4-6 is still a great result for the team.
1. Danielsson Motorsport virtual   176p
2. Roaring Pipes Maniacs 161p
3. DHR GP 157p
5. Danielsson Motorsport virtual II 138p
(provisional standings)
The next race is held on October 22th at Rouen. Follow the action at

Björn Elofsson wins SSR Evo at Valencia!

DMSv driver Björn Elofsson took his second win of the season in the DMS virtual Aston Martin. Björn leads the championship with 3 points. DMSv Thomas Brevitz was the second representative of Danielsson Motorsports taking the finishline in 7th place.


Simracing Team Challenge Round4!

Round 3 of The Simracing Team Challenge was postponed due to the dissapearens of the GTR Evo Lobby and the teams shifted their consentration to Suzuka and round 4 instead. It was a race that included our first DNF of the season when Peter Larsson suffered computer problems.  
With the obvious exception of Peter Larsson the DMSv teams continued the run with great results finishing in the top ten.  Peter Melin (DMSvII) 6th, Tony Gunnarsson (DMSv) 7th and Peter Kull in 8th.
The championship closed up a bit but DMSv is still in the lead! 
1. Danielsson Motorsport virtual   126p
2. Roaring Pipes Maniacs 122p
3. Danielsson Motorsport virtual II 115p
(provisional standings)
The next race is held on October 15th at LeMans. Follow the action at

2nd and 3rd for DMSv at Anderstorp by Night!

The swedish track of Anderstorp was the venue for the SSR GTR2 Leauge. The race was held at night and visibility and headlight protection was key to a good result. 
Roger Wennström and Torbjörn Lindau managed to put their Lambourghini Murchielago R-GTs on the 2nd and 3rd places on the podium respectively. After three races Torbjörn Lindau is the best placed DMSv driver at 4th in general classifications. 

Pole and 2nd for Torbjörn Lindau at  SSR GTR2 Brands Hatch!

After setting the pole position time Torbjörn Lindau suffered technical problems in the pitstop earning him a final second position in division 1.
Roger Wennström, also in division1  finished 7th. Robert Öström took the finish line in 8th place in division 2.

Simracing Team Challenge Round2- UNBELIEVABLE!

The STC Black cup 2009 second race took place at a damp Nordschleife track. The lineup was changed at the last minute when Fredrik Tackman had to stand in for Peter Larsson who had computer problems.
Qualifying ended with Roland Ehnström on pole. In a hard fought race  Roland Ehnström lead from start to finish while Fredrik Tackman made a magnificent race climbing to a third place on the podium. For DMSvII John Westerlund finished 7th and Peter Kull 10th.
1. Danielsson Motorsport virtual   106p
2. Danielsson Motorsport virtual II 75p
3. Project D 73p
(provisional standings)
The next race is held on October 1st at LeMans. Follow the action at

Fredrik Tackman wins SSR Evo race2 at Road America!

DMSv driver Björn Elofsson got pole on the same 1/1000th of a second as teammate Fredrik Tackman. In a race that proved to be a great success for DMSv Fredrik Tackman took the win with Björn Elofsson on the third place on the podium. Four DMSv drivers finished the race, Johan Pesula in fourth and Thomas Brevitz in seventh place. Two-for-two for DMSv in SSR Evo2!


Simracing Team Challenge Round1- DMSv in the lead!

The STC Black cup 2009 season took off with the DHR GP Grand Prix de Silverstone.
Torbjörn Lindau in the DMSv BMW M3 GTR started out the season on Pole Position! Fredrik Tackman in the second M3 ended qualifying with a 4th place in a 1-4 for the german facory. Johan Pesula and Björn Andersen in the DMSv Corvettes started the race from 7th and 19th grid positions.
The race was incident filled where especially Fredrik Tackman and Johan Pesula was on the receiving end of contacts. In the end Thorbjörn Lindau was the best placed DMSv car ending the race in 3rd afterDHR GPs Vincent Staahl and Black Visors Ben Tusting.
1. Danielsson Motorsport virtual 46p
1. Black Visor Motorsports 46p
3. Roaring Pipes Maniacs 41p
5. Danielsson Motorsport virtual II 38p
(provisional results)
The next race is held on September 17 at the legendary Nurburgring Nordschleife. Follow the action at

Roger Wennström wins SSR GTR2 premier at Watkins Glen!

DMSv driver Roger Wensström made a triumphant return to GTR2 after one seasons absence. Roger took a convincing win at the tricky American track in a race dedicated to the memory of fellow simracer Peo "ZnillBlix" Forsberg. DMSv driver Micke Frilander rounded out the podium in third place.




Time for STC Black Cup 2009!

In only a few hours its time for DMSv and DMSv2 to enter the simracing team challenge in full force. Follow us on live psrtv at


Update: Race postphoned until next week due to server malfunction!


Björn Elofsson wins SSR Evo premier at Brands Hatch!

DMSv driver Björn Elofsson took his and the teams first win i Swedish Simracers GTR Evolution season 2 Leauge! At a rainy Brands Hatch Björn managed to bring his SEAT over the finish line in first place for his first ever leauge win! Congrats Björn!


Roger Wennström wins SSR Historic GT at Mallory Park !

DMSv driver Roger Wennström took his and the teams first win for the season driving the Ford Mustang BSCC Gr2 in a field full of Alfa GTAs! Roger is tied first overall after three races.




Alx no longer the only DMS(v) driver to drive F1!

DMSv driver Johan Pesula tested Heinz Harald Frenzens 2003 Arrows F1 car at Scandinavian raceway Anderstorp. 0-200-0 in 7 seconds is slightly faster than Johans normal mode of transportation, a Volvo V70 Bi-Fuel..



The rest of the team is not jealous at all.. 


DMSv on site when Trange gets 2nd in JTCC (and Fredrik Larsson wins PCC)!


DMSv and DMS got together today at Falkenberg raceway for a IRL meeting between the virtual and traditional racing teams.
It was very intresting to watch how the team works in real race conditions and we picked up a few pointers from Alx particularly
about driver development




In the JTCC event Richard Trange scored a career best 2nd place with the Seat Leon while Rickard Javanainen was the victim of a spinning car and ended the race on the first lap.

In Porsche Carrera Cup our fingers were crossed for Fredrik Larsson, brother of DMSv's Peter Larsson, who went on to take a dominant win!





Fredrik Tackman, Peter Kull, John Westerlund
Missing from image Tony Gunnarsson,
Christian Waltgård, Johan Pesula

For gallery of images look here..

All in all a good day at Falkenberg!


Looking forward to get together with the team again at Knutstorp for STCC/JTCC in September.


DMSv triumphant in SSR GTR Evo

The inaugural season of Swedish Sim Racers Evo league has ended in triumph for Danielsson Motorsport Virtual!
Four titles up for grabs, four titles brought home!


Champion Roland Ehnström 

In Division 1 DMSv drivers Roland Ehnström and Fredrik Tackman had an epic battle where both ended up on 129 points. Roland was crowned champion with 4 race wins over Fredriks 3 in the closest fought series i SSR history.

DMSv was totaly dominant in the team standings as well ending the championship with 274 points, 152 (!) points ahead of Team Insane Racing. 

In division 2 DMSv driver John Westerlund was crowned divisional champion ahead of Team pegasus driver Roger Jakobsson with DMSv driver Thomas Breviz rounding out the podium. 

DMSv secured the team divisional championship as well beating Team Allstars by 69 points for a total of 237.

The DMSv SSR team are now looking forward to a long vacation and will be back to defend all four titles in the fall season.



Mixed fortunes for DMSv in STC

The team has now participated in its first three races in Simracing Team Challenge.  The main goal this year is to get to know the organization and let as many drivers as possible get their feet wet (some got really really wet..). Entering the league after the midpoint, contending for series accolades was never a reasonable goal.

The first outing was at the Donnington Grand Prix circuit where Torbjörn Lindau and Peter Larsson on very short notice placed the Corvette C6R on 5th and 9th  place on the grid. Lindau had a good race with an excellent strategy and, aided by others misfortunes, finished in 2nd place for DMSv’s first ever STC podium. Larsson was struggling thru out the race  and had to watch the end of race from behind the pit wall.

The second outing was in Corvette C6 GT2 at Dijon where Björn Elofsson and Thomas Brevitz  used an unconventional strategy to finish 7th and 8th.

Third time the charm? Well, it was time for our resident world champion Roland Ehnström together with Tony Gunnarsson to tackle the appalling conditions of a flooded Dijon circuit.  A somewhat extended practice session showed 6 cars being the class of the field. Roaring Pipes Maniacs in their Koenigseggs, GMT-DH Racing in their Aston Martins, Tim Hoogendoorn in a Black Visor Saleen and Roland in the DMSv Corvette.

Roland ended up on 4th place on the grid with Tony on 9th. Both DMSv drivers started with heavy cars and had problems contending with the lighter cars of the competition. Tony was early on the victim for the traitorous conditions damaging the front of his C6R trying to avoid spinning cars. Roland took it easy in the early stages only keeping in touch with the leaders in anticipation of the pit stops. Taking advantage of strategy Roland took over the lead when all top drivers had pitted. Unfortunately his race was spoiled by contact with a lapped car.

In the end Roland finished 5th and as the owner of the fastest race lap while Tony soldiered on to a final 12th across the finish line.

With only the races at Moirana left on the schedule the entire DMSv organization is looking forward to STC Black cup in the fall.

Pending sponsor negations there might be not two, but four DMSv cars on the grid. Keep your fingers crossed!

The STC races are broadcast with live commentary every Thursday at 21.10 CET

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